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  • What You'll Learn in "The Great Manager's Mindset" Program

    A sample of some of the 16 actionable, insights-packed, weekly lessons you'll receive

    >> Week 2: How to be a Multiplier

    • Doing it all yourself is a recipe for disaster. Learn the art of delegation and how to empower your team members to do more confidently.

    >> Week 6: Breaking Bad (Habits)

    • Your example is the most powerful tool for you as a manager. Learn the proven process to break the bad habits that are holding you back.

    >> Week 8: The Key to Keeping Your Team Motivated

    • Researchers asked the question, "What keeps people happy at work long term?" We have the answer for you and how to apply it to your team.

    >> Week 10: The First Follower

    • Struggling to get buy in and support for your initiatives and goals? You need a first follower. We'll show you how to get one every time.

    >> Week 16: Servant Leadership

    • If you put your team members first, they'll take care of your customers the same way. Learn how to live this mindset day in and day out.
  • What Managers are saying about Lighthouse Lessons

    All around the world, in a variety of industries, managers are growing their leadership skills with us

    "30 Days of Leadership is more practical than my MBA classes --- this program levels up your management mindset.


    The Lighthouse team curates research and best practices from the industry and distills it into snack size, actionable pieces, which I have already seen lead to positive changes in my team’s behavior.


    - Jonathan Silva, Director of Customer Success, Axosoft

    “30 Days of Leadership is helping me get a feel for the meat and potatoes of my new responsibilities as a manager.


    It’s helping me have more engaging one on ones with an added sense of purpose.”


    - Brian Mulder, Engineering Lead, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    For the “golden nuggets” and amazing price of this course, I would definitely recommend 30 Days of Leadership for anyone trying to grow their leadership skills.”


    - Laura Knight, Electrical Engineering Manager, Nortek Control

    "You have to lead yourself before you can lead others. This course has helped me to continue to get better every day, so I can be a better manager for my team."


    - Kevin Fye, Production Supervisor, GLC Minerals

    “This program is full of valuable and actionable lessons on how to be a better leader and manager.

    It also offered our managers, across departments and teams, the opportunity to build camaraderie and grow together as a peer group.”


    - Nathan Broslawsky, VP Engineering, SmugMug

    "I've enjoyed all the lessons from the program, and one in particular was so good it was worth the price of the program by itself!

    I've learned so much about myself, and grown as a leader thanks to this program. I highly recommend it to managers hungry to learn & grow.”


    - Mike Mantela, Engineering Manager, Vetevo